Connecting the Dots – Simon Mott [Podcast]

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In this edition of the Connecting the Dots podcast, we chat with HANetf’s Global Head of Marketing Simon Mott.

Simon talks us through his employment background in the financial services and B2B space, ranging from boutique hedge funds to some of the largest exchanges in the world, in Chicago and London. An expertise of large-scale financial institutions and a smaller-company-mentality is the perfect blend for Simon at HANetf, who joined the white label ETF platform to build up a marketing and sales infrastructure from scratch. He is recognised as a leading figure in the ETF market.
HANetf, as Simon outlines, released their first funds in September 2018 and are expanding rapidly. With Simon at the helm, his keen eye for detail extends to design aspects to give the company a distinctive look ‘away from Wall Street’ to craft a multi-channel platform that resonates with customers. As Simon notes, the company looks to be a disruptor for the European ETFs space in the way that their company (and others’ products) are created and presented. In a world where companies copy each other, HANetf’s marketing is focused on a youthful and modern look.
Simon goes on to give advice for how smaller firms can look to build up their marketing capabilities with the resources they have, doing ‘more with less’, the power of repurposing and making themselves heard amongst the industry. With ‘content marketing’ being a buzzword, Simon feels that all forms of digestible content from infographics to videos should be a focus to appease customers in the professional sense, as much as these forms of content would be enjoyed in their personal lives.
Elsewhere, Simon discusses the importance of taking inspiration from everything you see; creativity is out there (outside of the industry) to influence marketing decisions for the financial space.
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Elliot Burr

Elliot Burr

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