Connecting the Dots – Dr Daniel Crosby [Podcast]

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In the latest edition of our Connecting the Dots podcast, we chat with Dr Daniel Crosby, Chief Behavioural Officer at Brinker Capital.

Bringing his expertise as a clinical psychologist to the firm, Daniel talks about his role in developing training, tools and technology to help advisors best connect with their clients. Technology plays a huge part in building relationships, simulating client behaviour to see what their needs are. Gaining a personality match between a financial advisor and a client is what Daniel likens to clinical therapy sessions, so it is integral for investment practices nowadays, where great ideas need to be applied better.
Daniel also talks about how his decision to become an author was an exercise to build his own knowledge, and has gone on to release best-sellers including Personal Benchmark: Integrating Behavioral Finance and Investment Management, The Law of Wealth, and most recently The Behavioural Investor. He also outlines how to be original and authentic as a social media blogger, and embracing the role of being an irreverent or ‘goofy’ presenter in video format to best convey ideas, as well as recommendations for great books to read and influencers to follow.
Remember, you can catch all of our episodes from the podcast series on our SoundCloud page, iTunes library or Spotify.

Elliot Burr

Elliot Burr

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