Connecting the Dots – Byron Lotter [Podcast]

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In this latest episode of our Connecting the Dots podcast series, we chat to Byron Lotter, Director at Vestact Asset Management, based in Johannesburg.

In this Podcast, Byron explains why personalisation is so important to South African investors and outlines how Vestact puts client relationships at the core of everything they do. He also comments on the general education gap that exists for many South African investors who did not grow up learning how to invest in stocks from their parents. Following on from that he also gives some advice to first time investors who don’t know where to start.
Elsewhere, we discuss the potential of robo-advisors in the South African investment space and whether South African investors are ready to entrust their money to AI investment vehicles, and Byron highlights some of the finance influencers he follows.
Remember, you can catch all of our episodes from the podcast series on our SoundCloud page, iTunes library or Spotify.

Leandi Kolver

Leandi Kolver

Customer Product Marketing Manager at Kurtosys