Kurtosys Spotlight: Rina Amin, Earth Day, client-facing tech

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This week’s edition of Kurtosys Spotlight features environmental impact investing, our podcast with Ben Phillips from EventShares, Janus Henderson Investors’ Rina Amin, Instagram tips and boosting client-facing technology.

Digital Leader Spotlight: Rina Amin, Global Head of Digital Strategy at Janus Henderson Investors

Rina-AminGoing from a history of digital roles and bringing those expertise to the asset management world is Rina Amin, now the Global Head of Digital Strategy at Janus Henderson Investors for the past two and a half years.
Starting out her career for Loyalty Management Group, Rina honed her skills in web design by acting as Website Manager, responsible for leadership in digital projects as well as the production of all content for nectar.com and Nectar for Business. This role also brought in many digital marketing skills, from advertising campaigns to developing brand guidelines, to managing change requests, information architects, web analytics and dashboard reporting, and SEO.
Making the move into asset management at Threadneedle Investments, Rina became the firm’s Multimedia Manager, responsible for the upkeep and development of all 15 country websites, as well as developing e-communications strategy for the UK and regional marketing teams. After similar roles working with content editors, marketing teams and leading digital projects at Vanguard and Octopus Investments, Rina has brought her wealth of knowledge and digital prowess to the team at Janus Henderson Investors in the EMEA and APAC regions to boost its technological capabilities.
Rina is part of our Most Influential Digital Leaders in Asset Management gallery – see the full list of leaders here!

Featured Report: 5 Tips to Build your Brand on Instagram

It’s been a while since we’ve dipped into the world of social media marketing here at the Spotlight, but with an imminent in-depth podcast discussion around the topic to come soon (stay tuned!), here’s a taster (albeit a chunky one) courtesy of Peregrine Communications.
One platform that goes under the radar for financial services is candid photo-sharing behemoth Instagram. Indeed, companies often feel that this sort of program does not necessarily live up to a professional feel, but that is an opinion which can stifle some excellent marketing opportunities.
Peregrine has looked into the issue, and surveyed the top 100 financial services companies in the US and the UK to see how active they are with Instagram, an application which has over a billion active users a month, and the most burgeoning social network on the planet, growing faster than all others.
Unsurprisingly however, less than a third of companies from both sides of the Atlantic had accounts on Instagram, tellingly reinforcing the fact that financial services really struggle to capitalise on the opportunities that the platform offers, mainly to connect with a completely new generation of potential investors.
From their studies, Peregrine give a rundown of exactly how firms can utilise Instagram to its full advantage, with five useful tips, from keeping photo and videos to Instagram’s idiosyncratic specifications, tracking analytics, and consistent branding. The company also usefully presented the most pertinent figures from their study in a shareworthy video of their own, which you can see in the embedded tweet below:

Podcast: Connecting the Dots – Ben Phillips

In the latest edition of our Connecting the Dots podcast, we chat with Ben Phillips, Chief Investment Officer at EventShares.

Ben, based in Newport Beach California, explains how he and his business partner set up EventShares from their experiences in the investment management world and as a response to growing investment opportunities from policy changes. Ben explains how his role as CIO has led to him being a ‘spokesperson’ for the firm in marketing and PR, leveraging video content for market commentaries to put a face to EventShares, improving the conversational aspect between investors and the company. He also gives us an insight into the production of making video, initially going from a ‘one man band’ to developing higher quality content using editors.
Ben furthers our discussion on how LinkedIn and YouTube can primarily be used to reach various audiences, and gives us an excellent rundown on how the EventShares Policy Tracker looks to update investors on upcoming policies that may affect the world, from social media, data regulation and 5G technology, and his most influential leaders to follow on online platforms.
Head over to our SoundCloud page, iTunes library or Spotify for all of our podcasts featuring digital professionals in asset management.

Video in Focus: Earth Day Investments

Not just one video, but plenty of content from the social media team at Goldman Sachs, exemplifying the work that the firm is doing to better their commitment to environmental matters.
First, via their Twitter, this succinct, statistic-heavy rundown of their initiatives…

…which then links to a mighty landing page for their 2018 Sustainability Report, which seems all the more relevant to revisit given Earth Day this week and (in the UK at least) notable environmental demonstrations in the capital. Also on this page however are an interactive infographic outlining the various strategies, and a further video featuring Goldman Sachs’ personable CEO David Solomon.

Featured Event: Sustainable and Impact Investing: Getting the Communication right

Renewable-energyCourtesy of the Financial Services Forum once again is an event getting to the marketing heart of one of the most prevalent industry topics (see above): sustainable investing.
What we haven’t quite covered here, despite multiple reports looking into how investors can add impactful funds to their portfolios, is how asset managers can convey these main pointers to their clients as the issue gains even more popularity.
As the main site says, sustainable investing isn’t exactly a one-sided die, and complexities can probably alienate potential investors from this financial way of making the world a better place. This event will look to explore how communication between asset managers, banks and wealth managers and their customers can be improved, featuring the following speakers:

  • John Elder, Managing Partner, Family Office Advisors LLP (Chair)
  • Kirsten Burt, Executive Director, Head of Marketing, UK & Jersey, UBS Wealth Management
  • Pauline Bush, Director – Marketing, Hermes Investment Management
  • Sam Sharpe, Director, Cognito
  • James Lawson, Co-Founder and Partner, Tribe Impact Capital

The talk takes places on 14 May 2019, and is a morning session from 09.00 until 11.30. It will take place at the following address: Cognito, Salisbury House, London Wall, London, EC2M 5QQ.
You can login and register for this event at the FS Forum.

Fintech News: Face-to-face with tech

e-signatureSome more technology-centric reporting now, this time looking into the underwhelming usage of client-facing technology from financial firms.
Investment News, in its 2019 Adviser Technology Study, has found that firms are now finally looking to place the digital client experience as a key priority for technologies to be used by advisers, and goes on to explain more in this article.
So far, as charts displayed in the report show, the use of client facing technology is not particularly advanced, or widespread. At most, e-signatures are utilised (72%), as well as portals (71%), but more insightful technologies such as mobile messaging apps are only adopted by a mere 17% of companies, and full digital account opening and client onboarding tools available at 24% of respondents.
However, this latter statistic is looking to double across the next year as firms pool their resources into cream-of-the-crop technologies to best deliver a great client experience. You can find out more of exactly which solutions firms are looking to in 2019 to achieve this, include videoconferencing capabilities.

Social Spotlight: Behind the Scenes

One effective use of social media marketing this week comes from Vanguard Group, looking into the lives of their own workers. It’s easy to gloss over a company’s main asset – its people – so to hear why the workers at Vanguard chose a career in investment advisory is a refreshing piece of marketing to engage with customers; giving the company an honest, human face.

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