Kurtosys Spotlight: WealthTech100, Pascal Strölin, money market funds

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This week’s edition of Kurtosys Spotlight features the WealthTech 100, our recent chat with Clear Path Analysis’ CEO Noel Hillmann, Pascal Strölin, TSAM’s edition in Toronto and the rise of money market funds in China.

Digital Leader Spotlight: Pascal Strölin, Head of Digital Business Development at UBS Asset Management

Pascal-StrolinPascal Strölin’s eight year tenure at UBS Asset Management has seen him rise through the ranks to become a key digital leader in the investment management world.
Starting out at the firm as a Marketing Director back in 2006, Pascal moved into management roles to become responsible for marketing account managers, then leading several global marketing projects as the deputy of the Global Head WM Product Marketing. After more responsibilities in leading global initiatives and programs, Pascal moved into digital as the Head of Digital Marketing Channels in 2015, where he headed the project for a new product and service naming architecture, back and front end.
This technological expertise has been followed by other roles in the firm for Pascal including Head Digital Lead Generation, where he was responsible for the design and implementation of a digital lead strategy and co-led the worldwide digital client acquisition initiative. He now holds the role as Head of Digital Business Development.
An esteemed and experienced financial services industry professional, Pascal has grown from a marketing expert to a digital leader in this transformative period for the sector.

Featured White Paper: WealthTech 100 2019

Courtesy of FinTech Global is the rundown of the top 100 most influential companies transforming the wealth and asset management industries: the WealthTech 100 2019.
These solution providers were chosen from a shortlist of 1,000 by a panel of experts, based on their use of innovate technology to solve specific industry problems, or to improve cost savings or efficiency across the investment value chain. The final showcase is the main companies that leaders in the sector (now receiving investment of around $4.6 billion) need to know.
The main results of the list proved that 80% of the WealthTech 100 companies are based in the USA and the UK (29 in the former, 22 in the latter), whilst the other companies are based in Switzerland, Australia, Germany, Spain, Singapore, Italy, Israel and India.
The report also segmented the companies based on their stage of the investment value chain; the majority (57%) were solutions for client acquisition or servicing, with others including investment planning (55%), portfolio management and rebalancing (54%), and risk and compliance (41%).
What is also interesting is the fact that these providers cover virtually every process within an asset or wealth management firm, from investing tools, to data and analytics, to retirement solutions and B2C robo-advisors.
Kurtosys is pleased to announce that it has been recognised as a leading fintech company in the WealthTech 100 this year, and proud to be a part of the digital transformation taking place in wealth and asset management.
You can download the full report for free at WealthTech100.com.

Podcast: Connecting the Dots – Noel Hillmann

Adding another edition to our Connecting the Dots podcast, here’s our recent chat with Noel Hillmann, founder and CEO of Clear Path Analysis – a content and report publication service for the finance industry.

Noel explains the reasons for why he set up Clear Path Analysis, arriving as a result of the financial crisis. Noel also offers his opinions on the ‘quantity vs quality’ debate, the effects of GDPR, and how personalisation can be achieved in the future for institutional marketing.
Elsewhere, Noel outlines how his company does more with less, producing a valuable amount of content with a small marketing team, and utilising tools such as LinkedIn Pulse and Sales Navigator. We also discuss the role of events in the current climate, with digital and face-to-face meetings being complementary, and Noel’s most inspirational reading.
You can all of our podcasts on our website, or head over to our SoundCloud page, iTunes library or Spotify for all of our episodes featuring digital professionals in asset management. Also, if you know of someone within the industry (or would like to put yourself forward to join our series), please use the form on this page!

Featured Event: TSAM Toronto

The name TSAM is surely familiar to all: The Summit for Asset Management is a cornerstone of industry events, with different conferences taking place all over the globe.
We had the London edition taking place at the end of February, but now the events heads over the Atlantic to Toronto.
In Canada, regulatory issues loom large, including legislation on client targeted reforms to national instruments and changes to business conduct, besides the technological advances through AI and machine learning which are causing disruption to the industry worldwide.
Around 40+ speakers will be present to speak on these matters, with representatives from such companies as State Street Global Advisors, Manulife, Invesco and BNY Mellon, from a wide range of positions: heads of marketing; directors of research; compliance officers; heads of distribution and many more.
As well as this, it’s the perfect opportunity to network with your peers, and connect with over 200 decision makers, gain market exposure or meet new prospects.
It takes place on 2 May 2019 at The Global and Mail Centre in Toronto – you can view an agenda and register for the event at its official page.
On the topic of events, just another reminder to sign up for the next Financial Services Forum event – Marketing to the End Investor: Maximising your return on SEO & SEM marketing on 26 April 2019. Our Global Head of Digital Rich Watts will be speaking about how asset managers can gear their message to end investors through digital means and have their content show on the first page of search engine results, alongside CopyLab’s Neils Footman and Fidelity International’s Jet Cooke.

Fintech News: Funds on-the-go

China-MapFinancial Times has recently rolled out a fascinating article looking into how fund sales on mobile has come along leaps-and-bounds in China, making it one of the largest asset management markets in the world from its previous minnow status.
The Asset Management Association of China has gleamed from a recent survey that two-thirds of all investors in the country subscribe to funds using mobile phone apps, all stemming from the flagship fund – Yu’E Bao – set up by Jack Ma’s conglomerate Alibaba and Tianhong Asset Management, which launched in 2013. It paved the way for the democratisation of investing, with consumers not forced to do it through a bank. This then caused it to become the world’s largest money market fund, even more than a rival JPMorgan product.
The tradition bank vs tech giant battle in China is of note, as well as the competition between each of the disruptive newcomers (Alibaba and Tencent being just two), so much so that we’re all aware of their services in the financial services world. What has become obvious in this article is that asset managers and tech-based funds have reacted to falling yields (from the monetary easing by the People’s Bank of China) by offering riskier products to the online market including equity and bond funds. Equity funds actually found their highest level of flows in seven years in 2018.
It’s an interesting case study, with the asset management sector in China being only 20 years old or so, with risk far more calculated in countries that have endured multiple market cycles. But the fact that Yu’E Bao can be successful in the challenging of China banks (which still account for the most sales of funds), it shows the innovate nature of money market funds there, setting an example to the rest of the world which is experiencing battles of its own between the banks and the fintechs.

Social Spotlight: Alignment is coming

Following on from last week’s GoT hype, thank goodness we’ve finally been treated to the first episode from the latest series. With that in mind, many companies are using the show’s popularity to their marketing advantage, including Pardot with this perfectly branded but relevant tweet looking into sales and marketing alignment:

And once you open up the link, a great infographic showing Salesforce’s signature bears kitted out in full Westeros regalia is used to highlight the ‘battles’ between the two disciplines, the ‘tools’ available to each, and how they should work together to make peace. A lovely companion piece to the show taking the world’s viewing figures by storm, full of useful information about the problems faced by marketing and sales departments and how they can be fixed.
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