Kurtosys Spotlight: Jet Lali, Investec podcast, Fintech League

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Welcome to our weekly digital spotlight!

This week’s edition of Kurtosys Spotlight features more industry podcasts from the archives, State Street’s Jet Lali, women in finance events, Brexit’s ongoing effect on finserv, SEO practice for marketing, and the Fintech League.

Digital Leader Spotlight: Jet Lali, Chief Digital Officer at State Street Global Advisors

Jet-LaliJet Lali has had a highly decorated career in digital, proving to be a force of innovation across such financial institutions as JPMorgan Asset Management, BlackRock, UBS, and now State Street Global Advisors.
In his seven year tenure at JPMorgan AM, Jet served as a project manager, a site manager for the Americas and finally as Global Internet Programme Manager, where he was responsible for business intelligence (statistical measurement and competitive analysis) and development, as well as technology implementation of AJAX and RSS among others. His focus on digital followed to his role as head of eBusiness for BlackRock’s iShares ETFs, where he managed websites, tools, data, CRMs and implemented a distribution strategy alongside integration projects for IndEXchange and BlackRock mergers.
Elsewhere, Jet has served as a practice Head of Digital at Alpha FMC, providing consulting and implementation services to some of the largest asset managers in the world. Bringing his experience to State Street Global Advisors, the firm plans to build a “best-in-class digital platform” to engage better with clients and prospects, with Jet’s expertise being invaluable in achieving this strategy.
Jet is part of our Most Influential Digital Leaders in Asset Management gallery – check out the full gallery here.

Podcast: Connecting the Dots

Daryll Welsh

Daryll Welsh, Head of Product at Investec Investment Management Services (IMS), has been involved in the investment industry for close to 25 years, and has been with Investec Asset Management for close to 20 years. Starting off in the multi-manager investment division, Daryll moved into product development for the asset management side of the business before his current role, which is to look after product development and the overall proposition that Investec IMS takes to the market.
In this podcast, he discusses digital transformation in the South African investment space, the use of personalisation in the industry and the potential of machine learning and AI. He also comments on the use of robo-advisors in the investment industry and future technology developments at Investec IMS, shedding some light on what we can expect from the business in the next 12-18 months.
Head over to our SoundCloud page, iTunes library or our podcast page to find all of our episodes featuring digital professionals in asset management.

Video in Focus: Women to Watch

As the women in finance issue continues to gather steam, InvestmentNews has gone another step further to congratulate those that are breaking through to financial stardom.
A video posted on the site shows highlights from their Women to Watch luncheon event in New York City, where you can see some of the winners of awards discussing what the achievement means to them and to women in finance as a whole. As is made clear, the future of financial advice certainly seems to be in the hands of women, with these awards boosting the presence of the issue and helping industry leaders to stress the importance of the topic.
You can watch the full video from the event here.

Featured Event: Marketing to the End Investor: Maximising your return on SEO & SEM marketing

Rich WaitsFurthering the discussion on ways to use SEO to your marketing advantage is a new breakfast event hosted by the FS Forum: a key organisation bringing its investment management professional members together for salient events.
SEO is a major tool in the marketeer’s arsenal, combination everything from web design, to analytics, webpage ranking, social networking and content management. With this importance in mind, it’s therefore imperative for financial institutions to fix their web presence in order to impact their ROI.
According to a Gartner study, online financial information is becoming the number one choice for existing and prospective clients looking for a supplier. Hence, the look of a website and its functionality are the golden stepping stones towards building interest and a relationship with future buyers, rather than them relying on consulting salespeople for information.
With more guest speakers to be announced, our Global Head of Digital Rich Watts will be joined by Copylab’s Head of Marketing Neils Footman to explain how marketing content to the end investor can all stem from CMS, site structure and website responsiveness.
The event takes place on 26 April 2019 at 09.00. The address is Hermes Investment Management, 150 Cheapside, London, EC2V 6ET.
You can register for the session after logging in at this event page.

Fintech News: Uncertainty Remains

If you weren’t already struggling to keep up with the news of Brexit plans, it seems that the growing groaning towards its ongoing uncertainty will reach new heights for the financial services industry too, as an article from Finextra highlights.
Pointing out a piece of joint research from TheCityUK and Odgers Berndtson, one aspect that financial firms were fearing in regards to Brexit seems to be coming true. When it comes to tech talent, despite London being regarded as the fintech capital of the globe, numbers in the pool seem to be dwindling, mostly due to a lacking influx of talent from European universities (France and Germany in particular). As other sectors look to recruit the most notable technological candidates, the FSI has far more competition and difficulty than it already had on its plate.
However, in spite of some understandable doom and gloom, the report does in fact go some way in identifying way for the sector to attract tech savvy graduates, namely to learn from industries elsewhere such as pharmaceuticals and manufacturing who have made increasing efforts to form long-term partnerships with academic institutions. Elsewhere, there needs to be sustained ways of gathering data for what skills the industry needs and how existing workers can be reskilled to best advance technological capabilities.
Nathan Bostock, who is the CEO of Santander UK, as well as chair of the FSTIB Fintech Working Group, had this to say about this issue:
“Little has been done to quantify our current and future skills need. Our industry must capture and use this data to support schools and universities nurture the skills which will increase the pipeline of tech savvy graduates.”
As well as this, there has been found to be an issue too with leadership from the report, as Anne Murphy (managing partner financial services) at Odgers Berndtson identifies:
“These [lessons] related to communicating a clear social purpose, promoting diversity and improving understanding of technology at all levels of an organisation, specifically how technology can enable a business to achieve its strategy. Employers looking to get the best talent need to find ways to make the financial services industry more attractive to a wider range of people, as well as looking further afield than the traditional narrow graduate base.”
As Brexit conundrums continue, it will be interesting to see how Britain’s financial sector responds to any hurdles that may still be in store.

Social Spotlight: Football Frenzy

That’s not to say that the current crop of London’s fintech companies aren’t enjoying themselves, as this week’s social landscape shows. Check out the Tweet below:

That’s correct: as a well-documented Sky Sports News parody advert shows, today sees the start of the Fintech League season. A humorous attempt to chat with the Fintech Football Association’s Chairman Iain Pritchett is one way to market one of the biggest events in the fintech social space, as well as a hype-worthy video of each team’s captain.
Eight teams will compete in the competition, with teams coming from such fintechs as 11:FS, and challenger banks including Monzo, Revolut and Starling. More information can be found over at Fintech Finance, with some further comments from the captains themselves, and you can follow the progress at the official Fintech League page, with games every Friday for the next 14 weeks. You can even go and show some support in Shoreditch. Game on.
If you’d like to have news, people, a new website or articles featured here, please get in touch via Twitter or email us at [email protected]

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