Latest Kurtosys Release includes further Document Production Center enhancements

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The latest Kurtosys release includes further enhancements to the DocPress Document Production Center, following on from the range of new features included in the February 2019 release. The new features will help you streamline your document production process and save time.
The most notable new features are:

Document Previews

You are now able to preview documents generated in the DocPress Production Center in a preview window, as opposed to first having to download the documents in order to view them. Thus streamlining your document production process and saving you time.

Document Generation Count & Run Description

The stats banner at the top of the page in the Document Production Center now includes a document generation count so you don’t have to navigate through pages to see if there are documents still generating. The banner also now includes a run description function. You can hover over the information icon to get more details on the particular run.

Manifest file in Distribution zip download

When downloading all documents for a specific Distribution type e.g. SFTP. The zipped folder will now include the manifest file according to the customised manifest rules you’ve set up.

In addition to the features listed above this release also included many bug fixes and enhancements. For more information on these, please refer to the full release note on

Leandi Kolver

Leandi Kolver

Customer Product Marketing Manager at Kurtosys