Connecting the Dots – Blair Abbott [Podcast]

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In our latest edition of the Kurtosys Podcast, Elliot Burr chats to Blair Abbott – Head of Global Strategic Marketing & Business Development Division at Mirae Asset Global Investments – about the regulatory differences between South Korea and Europe and North America, personalisation strategies and the country’s advanced digital footprint.

As well as these, we expand on the results from our 2018 Asset Management Digital Marketing Survey, looking into what Blair considers a successful content marketing strategy going forward, and delve into the integration process for Mirae’s recent acquisition of Global X, an ETF provider, to expand the investment capabilities for investors. As a native of Toronto, Canada, Blair has many insights into new fund frontiers from all over world. Highlighting how the market is being burgeoned even further with investment options, Blair also discusses the perks of living in a technologically advanced, fast paced modern city as an asset manager.
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Elliot Burr

Elliot Burr

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