Kurtosys Spotlight: Colin Bennett, ESG trends, top influencers

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Welcome to our weekly digital spotlight!

This week’s edition of Kurtosys Spotlight features GAM Investments’ digital leader, Hermes IM’s website update, ESG trends, secrets for advisor growth, influencer lists, and the new reality of investment managements.

Digital Leader Spotlight: Colin Bennett, Global Head of Digital Distribution at GAM Investments

Colin-BennettHaving worked at GAM Investments since 1998, Colin Bennett has worked his way up through many different teams to his current post as Global Head of Digital Distribution, and is a well-known leader in the financial services space.
Beginning as an Executive Support Analyst at the firm, Colin provided IT support for GAM founder Gilbert de Botton, as well as to the sales and client support teams, known for his original concept of ‘PresTech’ (Presentation Technology) which has now led to Colin’s role as an innovative leader in fintech. In his decorated career, he has been responsible for the development and execution of GAM’s marketing sales and distributed technology portfolio which includes an in-house portfolio of cloud-based applications, systems and services. He has also led a project to revamp their 10 year old website, and is responsible for leading their client reporting technology, and fund fact sheet and KIID production, plus marketing content.
Colin is also very active via LinkedIn, sharing statistics and articles pertaining to technology in financial services, engaging heavily in the discussion of digital topics in the industry. He is credited as a co-author for ‘The WealthTECH Book’, tackling digitising client advisory and robo-advisors.
Colin is part of our Most Influential Digital Leaders in Asset Management gallery – follow the link to see our top 30!

Website in Focus: Hermes Investment Management

Hermes Investment Management launched a major update to their site in late 2018. The new site brought with it a much more image-led design along with a simplified site structure and navigation. The new design now has an almost full screen ‘liquid layout’ feel to it, as it expands to fit larger screen widths, but is also fully responsive and scales down perfectly for mobile devices.
Drilling into some of the ‘About Us’ pages, you’ll discover some nice design elements, such as interactive infographics about their ESG investment principles. The data-driven area of the site can be found under the Funds page, with around 270 products housed in their fund center, with certain products leading to dedicated fund pages with expanded information.
The tabular layout allows users to quickly navigate between overview, performance and fund literature, while a watch list feature enables uses to watch funds without having to register.
This is a content-driven site, and you’ll see that as you scroll down any of the capabilities pages or jump into the Insights section. A clear taxonomy structure has been applied to the content so it’s easy to see related articles, such as ‘macroeconomics’ or ‘fixed income’. Hermes are clearly investing a lot of time and resources into their content, with regular webinars, videos and podcasts all part of the mix available.
Overall a worthy update in both aesthetics and user experience, from an asset manager who is clearly looking to update and improve their digital experience regularly. Remember that you can check out our gallery of the 50 Best-Designed Asset Management Websites for more!

Featured White Paper: 2019 ESG Trends to Watch

ESG-trends-2019Now well into the new year, it’s no wonder that the investment hype of ESG opportunities continues, with a new full-scale report from research masters MSCI looking into the trends that we may see crop up throughout the rest of 2019 and beyond.
As capped off in the executive summary by authors Linda-Eling Lee and Matt Moscardi, “the bull market may be ending, and everyone is bracing for the long haul”, leading the rest of the report looking into these topics: a plastic waste trade war; regulating ESG; climate change; achieving better investment objectives; and leadership and transparency.
Amongst the usual traits of long-form investment research, there’s plenty of in-depth information from the writers, accompanied by colourful and informative graphs from prior MSCI research covering numbers of ESG regulations, flood risk and company controversy instances.
It’s sometimes a far cry from the usual report however, made all the more entertaining with the inclusion of relevant epigraphs from popular culture, acting as an abstract for the content to come. Intrigued? Think Die Hard and Lord of the Rings, and perhaps be even more intrigued.
You can the research paper over at Savvy Investor.

Video in Focus: 4 secrets to adviser growth: Client experience

Video-camera‘Client Experience’ is one of the main things that firms are looking to invest in today – but what exactly does it mean, and how can a firm grow as they build a more advanced and enjoyable experience platform for their customers?
Esteemed presenter Matt Ackermann at Investment News interviews Allie Carey (Director or Client Experience) and John Anderson (Head of Practice Management Services) from SEI Investments to discuss these exact points. Looking into how websites can play a part in not only reaching a client, but also making potential visitors future clients. The interviewees note that whilst not everything can be controlled, firms need to focus on the services that they can have a hand in, and make repeatable for clients across the board. John notes that ‘segmentation’ is the biggest factor in achieving this successfully, especially when an advisor puts the client’s needs and interests first here.
Check out the video over at this link for more insights into how firms can put client experience into practice.

Featured Event: Fintech Insider: After Dark #DigitalLove

As we arrive at the end of dreary January, a month that not many of us long for but all us can stand (just about), it’s time to look forward to another wintry month in the form of February.
For lovers and singletons alike, the 14th marks a significant time for significant others, but first to come is the latest Fintech Insider: After Dark event of the year. Hosted by the team from 11:FS, each event takes on a different theme, with this free event recording the discussions in front of a live studio audience.
Featuring such high-profile guests as DNB, HSBC and many more to be announced in the near future, this edition will aptly tackle the topic of #DigitalLove, in particular the relationship between banks and fintechs.
The show will take place at the home of 11:FS – Level39 in Canary Wharf – and you can find tickets for the event at EventBrite right here. It starts at 18.00 and will continue into the night for networking opportunities, drinks and nibbles with the wider fintech community.
If you’re wondering what’s in store, check out a recap from one of the earlier editions of After Dark, number VI to be exact:
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Fintech News: Top of the List

ListAlso taking a look into the biggest trends every year, or indeed those that set the trends, is Jay Palter who has once again released his 2019 list of the 150 biggest fintech influencers on the planet which you can see here. These lists have also been reimagined by emerging score and ‘network centrality’, and a list of the top 100 fintech organizations is also present on the page for your perusal.
The Financial Brand has interviewed Jay about his list for this year – which more than before looks at the important factor of influencers largely followed by other fintech influencers, and the changes that Jay has noticed over the years of compiling these useful lists. The main point he makes here is that persistence and a ‘long-game’ in building an online influencer brand is what bears the most fruit for these table-toppers.
He also tackles the important topics of the seemingly male bias in these lists, the criticisms that such influencer lists garner, and how these influencers can have an effect on the wider financial industry.

Social Spotlight: The CFA Institute’s #Disrupt19

There are multiple ways that the CFA Institute has succeeded in creating a promotional tweet, for their 72nd annual conference; it’s a masterclass in both video production and social media sharing.

As shown in the tweet above is a neat, to-the-point tagline to grab the user’s attention: Are you ready for disruption? It’s the major theme of the video, and the conference itself, with a manic graphic emphasising the term and highlighting the focus for this year’s gathering – Disruption: The New Reality in Investment Management.
The whole advertisement comprises of the stock footage, featured videos from past events, and acts as a great soundless videos through bold captions, as well as a speaker for those that prefer their sound on.
The share-worthiness of the tweet is reinforced by the hashtag #Disrupt19, with a link to register for the event, which takes place on 12-15 May. It’s a great piece of content, tailor made for social media usage.
That’s all for this week! Be sure to check back next time for more news and marketing features from the world of asset management marketing highlights here at Kurtosys.
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