The Savvy Investor Awards 2018

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Kurtosys is pleased to be partnering with Savvy Investor, the world’s leading knowledge network for institutional investors. You may wish to consider joining their platform – it’s entirely free.
Savvy Investor curates the best pensions and investment white papers from around the world. Having uploaded more than 25,000 papers since launch, they have a unique platform from which to host these Awards. The Savvy Investor Awards are judged on the basis of the quality and readability of the paper and its appeal to their institutional investor audience.

JP Morgan Asset Management wins “Best Investment Paper 2018”

The accolade of “Best Investment Paper 2018” is awarded to JP Morgan Asset Management for their report, “2019 Long-Term Capital Market Assumptions”.
This excellent 110-page study sets out JP Morgan’s assumptions for future long-term returns and describes the “building block” methodology used to construct their forecasts. The analysis uses a 10- to 15- year time frame and covers equities, fixed income, currencies and alternative asset classes.
Visit Savvy Investor for the full list of winners and short-listed papers or click on any of the award categories below.

Savvy Investor Awards 2018 Winners

Best Investment Paper 2018
2019 Long-Term Capital Market Assumptions (JP Morgan Asset Management)
The Best Quant Papers of 2018
Volatility Lessons (Fama and French, 2018)
The Best Asset Allocation Papers of 2018
King of the Mountain: The Shiller P/E and Macroeconomic Conditions (Arnott, Chaves and Chow)
The Best Pensions Papers of 2018
The Age of Peak LDI (Hymans Robertson/Nomura, 2018)
The Best Sustainability & ESG Papers of 2018
The Big Book of SI (Robeco, 2018)
The Best Emerging Markets Papers of 2018
Understanding China’s Economic and Market Developments (FTSE Russell, 2018)
The Best Alternatives Papers of 2018
Alternative Investments: A Primer for Investment Professionals (CFA Institute Research Foundation, 2018)
The Best Factor Investing Papers of 2018
Fact, Fiction, and the Size Effect (AQR Capital Management, 2018)
The Best Fixed Income Papers of 2018
FTSE Fixed Income Factor Research Series – The Value Effect (FTSE Russell, 2018)
The Best Innovations Papers of 2018
Industry 4.0: Ghosts of disruption past, present and future (Invesco, 2018)
The Best Investment Industry Papers of 2018
Asset Owner Survey: Innovations in Implementation (bfinance, 2018)
The Best Real Assets Papers of 2018
Disruption: Is commercial real estate ready for change? (TH Real Estate, 2018)
The Best Strategy & Economics Papers of 2018
Multi-Asset Outlook 4Q2018 — How late in the cycle are we? (Wellington Management)

About Savvy Investor

Savvy Investor is the world’s leading resource hub for the institutional investors. Since launch in March 2015, more than 33,000 members from across the globe have registered for the site, with 200-250 new members joining every week.
Savvy Investor allows you to search and immediately find the top white papers on any investment topic, ranked by popularity.

andrew perrins

andrew perrins