10 Google Chrome Extensions to Boost Your Digital Marketing

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Google Chrome is the world’s most used browser. It’s hardly surprising, as it is absolutely chock-full of additional apps and extensions which can improve not only your online browsing experience, but also your marketing strategy.
Whether you know this or not, rather than throwing yourself straight into the murky waters of the Google Chrome Store (don’t worry: it’s actually very well laid out, just extensive), we at Kurtosys have strived to find the best Chrome apps and extensions to benefit your company, whether you wish to manage your team better, increase communication with your clients, gather more leads, maximise your presence on social media, or improve the effectiveness of your website.
It’s a gold mine out there, so hopefully we’ve found the gems to assist you.

1. Trello

To start us off is Trello, a project management system and a nifty Chrome extension that’s extremely user friendly. For all of your organisational needs, this is certainly worthwhile, and even works on an aesthetic level too. It is certainly visually pleasing, with its punchy lists, boards and cards being simple yet effective to manage various tasks amongst your workforce.
As you can see from the screenshot above, the design is funky yet not overbearingly so; a delicious layout. Each task is colour coded (a particularly efficient memory technique), achieving high UX for your employees, and comments and attachments such as images can be transferred with ease within this straightforward database. Your team can become virtually connected with the click of a button. Your workplace can run smooth as silk. Your business can, or should, use Trello.

2. Slack

Similarly collaborative, if not more so, is Slack. Primarily an app, Slack manages team communication on a basic level. Delve deeper and you can discover the joys of cross-team channels (labelled with such things as #marketing, or #media-team etc.), private group chats and 1-to-1 direct messaging. It’s essentially WhatsApp in a browser: neat!
Slack is integrated with such platforms as Google Docs and Dropbox (for one to drag, drop or share documents), Twitter and Github, and also has its own mobile app to keep up-to-date with your workspace even when you’re away from it.
The best things in life come for free, which this is at first, and is for an unlimited time until you require a more premium service (hence very suitable for small companies or start-ups). With the additional app Slackdeck allowing for multiple teams to be open at the same time, and another Chrome extension called #Clicky letting you share current tabs, links and messages to any Slack user, channel or group, it’s a tour-de-force in communication technology.

3. Redbooth

Face-to-face chat is a more efficient communicative tool than text-based formats. The Redbooth extension for Chrome allows for calls to be made from your browser window, and is an impressive video conferencing application. Effectively, you’re bringing your office to your browser. Plus, the videos are in HD!
What else? You can share your screen with up to 25 different users, which is highly suitable for larger companies. As always, it is integrated with Google Drive, Dropbox and more, and you can track a particular project timeline from beginning to end using Gantt charts. Redbooth is free to start with for 30 days, and paid options are available for passionate talkers.

4. Draw.io Diagrams

Speaking of charts –  for all you flowchart enthusiasts out there – Draw.io Diagrams is an absolute gift for creating diagrams and mind maps on your browser.
No drawing by hand and scanning is necessary. No third party gets involved. The extension fits into Google, with the files automatically saving onto Google Drive. It’s completely free. What more needs to be said?

5. Hootsuite

Imagine managing all of your social media campaigns from just one dashboard. Luckily, someone did imagine that and made it into a reality. Hootsuite is an app that combines social media with project management, giving your company the opportunity to collaborate and manage various profiles securely together whilst simultaneously streamlining team workflow. External customers and internal employees can all engage.
Posts for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ can all be controlled from one place, with social analytics modules giving you the chance to evaluate the effectiveness of your social media marketing campaigns. With the Hootlet extension, you can schedule tweets (much like the ever-useful Buffer), and take information from a website and share it immediately from your browser window. You can get started for free, too!

6. Silver Bird

The usefulness of Twitter for sharing your content goes without saying, and Silver Bird (the extension formerly known as Chromed Bird) makes it even more simple to maintain and maximise your tweeting ability.
Rather than repeatedly logging into Twitter, or having it open as yet another tab in your browser, you can check your timeline straight from the webpage that you are currently viewing. You are then able to do pretty much everything within the extension’s window: expand original tweets, RT and favourite, track read and unread tweets, and preview images by hovering your mouse over them. It is essential for lovers of Twitter as their go-to marketing tool.

7. WooRank – SEO and Website Analysis

WooRank does a hell of a lot. It’s a website analysis tool that can help you to sneakily check out how successful a particular website is. With some in-depth analysis, you can see what your competitors are up to and how they drive traffic to their site, thus giving you the best insight into improving your connection with website visitors that are potential clients.
Encompassing traffic estimation, AdWords traffic, the impact of social media, mobile optimisation, SEO content, the success of keywords and links, PageRank and more, WooRank is a goliath of a Chrome extension to maximise your presence on the web. Sites can be reviewed, ranked and monitored over time, with the reviews available to be downloaded as branded PDFs to present your success to clients in professional-looking papers or presentation slides.
It is completely free for 14 days, and offers 3 paid plans, all able to assist companies big or small.

8. BuiltWith Technology Profiler

On similar lines to WooRank is this profiling extension. Whilst primarily to help web developers, it’s helpfulness can extend to many sectors; marketers and web designers can use it for research purposes. This “research” being fairly cheeky, as using this tool, you can investigate all elements of a website to exemplify the most successful aspects used by competitors and potential clients.
The technologies that can be unveiled using BuiltWith Technology Profiler are extensive: widgets, analytics (including Google), frameworks (Java) advertising (DoubleClick or Adsense), publishing platforms (WordPress) and hosting software (Apache) for instance. These ingredients are fundamental for site development, and this handy extension can help summarise how internet technology changes with time, as well as creating trend reports to see how different technologies compare with each other.
It integrates with Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Salesforce and LinkedIn, and is free for all individual site lookups, with more advanced plans available. It is an invaluable extension to develop your company’s own marketing strategy. By knowing what goes into a lead’s platform, you can structure your communication accordingly. After all, with great technology comes a great website, and great leads.

9. Zoho CRM

Zoho offers, overall, a multi-faceted cloud software suite. Specific to this article however is its CRM, an app on the Google Chrome Store and a fairly advanced tool. It has serious functionality, allowing the user to manage organisation-wide sales, as well as customer service and continued support.
Here’s a few buzzwords to attempt to summarise Zoho CRM: Mail. Reports. Surveys. Recruiting. Chat. Forms. That’s pretty much everything, right? Additionally, there are no external servers, expensive software or backup solutions – everything is included. And if you wish to see the rest of the Zoho suite, you can! These include “Books”, “App Creator”, “Meeting”, “Campaigns”, “Social” and many more.
It has a 15-day free trial. It’s clear to see how flexible Zoho CRM is, which when used in conjunction with other Zoho apps can become a comprehensive management system, almost an all-inclusive marketing laboratory. Give it a go.

10. Sniply

Generating original content and setting it free into the vast ocean that is the Internet via social media is a prerequisite for marketers. Sharing webpages or articles of interest to your business sector is also widely practised. With the extension Sniply, you can use these lead generating techniques to maximum capacity and drive even more traffic to your website by embedding a call-to-action to every link you share.
For instance, as a FinServ company you could share a news article about a blockchain start-up that is of interest to you and your industry. But, Sniply allows you to drive readers from that article back to your site using a small pop-up. It is a razor-sharp tool to promote your own blog posts, sell a product, gain sign-ups, drive traffic and capture leads. You’re essentially giving your company exposure even whilst promoting others.
With the Sniply dashboard, you’re also able to track exactly how many clicks your embedded content is getting to analyse the extension’s success rate. As is often the case, there’s a 14-day free trial and three further paid options available. Any opportunity to advertise is profitable, and Sniply can help you do just that to superlative effect.
There are so many more add-ons to discover. Which extensions do you use to increase your productivity? Please let us know in the comments below, or you can tweet us!

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Elliot Burr

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