Our South Africa Expansion: 6 to 60 and Beyond

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Over the past 18 months, we have grown our South African operation tenfold, and we have a clear plan to expand it even further.  After just returning from our Cape Town office, I realize how ambitious that growth aspiration appears to be – and even more so in our ability to preserve, if not enhance, the office environment and culture during this period of growth (a call out for Bradley Mehl, one of our leaders in the Cape Town office).
To be quite candid, our expansion in South Africa started off as an experiment.  We started with a hypothesis: we could find exceptional talent and a highly educated skill base that wanted to work on cutting edge technology in the financial services industry – essentially be part of the FinTech revolution.  Fast forward, our strategic bet is a reality, and we are doubling down on our efforts.

Watch: “Inside Kurtosys Cape Town”

There are three primary reasons why we have been successful in our expansion efforts: 1) We have found a tremendously talented team; 2) We are committed to preserving our culture and principles while embracing our differences; and 3) We have invested in our leadership team.


We work with ground breaking technology, and as a result, we are constantly looking to hire and develop top class talent.  I feel so incredibly fortunate to have the team in place that we do in South Africa, let alone, across the globe.  We do not compromise on talent, and we only hire people that we feel can make an impact.  We set the bar high as we expect the most from our people – in South Africa that high bar does not seem to defer people. In fact, quite the opposite. We have discovered that South Africans revel in the challenge and have a natural “can do” attitude.  Exceptional people like this want to work with the best, and I believe we have found the right mix here.


We have developed an environment built around our core values of trust, transparency, teamwork and success.  We trust in each other that when we fail, we will be there to support each other.  We believe that through transparency and communication, we can share in our successes and learn from our failures.  It is through our ability to make each other better that we have built a fantastic team framework.  Lastly, we believe in our future and that each decision that we make will lead to the company’s success.


Our South Africa office has a tremendous leadership team.  Our Head of Implementation Engineering, Head of Customer Support and Director of People Operations are all located in this office, and we continue to create additional leadership and management opportunities for all of our employees here.  Each of these individuals lead critical areas of our organization, manage global teams and are members of the management team.  It is another reflection of our commitment to significantly expanding our presence within South Africa.
We have hired the very best in South Africa and the team has helped us elevate our performance across our company.  Our commitment to building a great company is unwavering, and I quite frankly, couldn’t be more proud.
I am incredibly excited about our future here and our ever expanding team.

scott gellman

scott gellman