17 Great Examples of Professional Websites Built in WordPress

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One in four websites is powered by WordPress. That’s 25% of the web.
That’s a pretty amazing statistic when you think WordPress was built initially as blogging platform in 2003, but has matured into a fully functional content management system with a huge library of plugins, thanks to it’s open-source origins.
But what about using WordPress for corporate, business or even financial and secure websites? Last year someone posted a question on the popular Q&A site Quora:

I am powering a bank’s website using WordPress. What security measures should I take?

The question now has 86k views – partly due to the fact that Matt Mullenweg, co-founder of WordPress, and founder of Automattic – chimed in with a response of his own. Without repeating all the information in this post, you’ll see a common theme running through the responses which include: Keeping the WordPress core up-to-date, using two-factor authentication such as Duo, hosting the site in a dedicated environment which has DDoS protection, only using selected plugins that also must be kept up-to-date, removing certain admin access and so on.
Any CMS can be vulnerable to security issues if it is not part of a robust infrastructure. Mullenweg puts it better:

As the most widely used CMS in the world, many people use and deploy the open source version of WordPress in a sub-optimal and insecure way, but the same could be said of Linux, Apache, MySQL, Node, Rails, Java, or any widely-used software. It is possible and actually not that hard to run WordPress in a way that is secure enough for a bank, government site, media site, or anything.

17 Great Examples of Professional Websites Built in WordPress

Well known for powering some of the media giants like TechCrunch, we took a look around for some other great examples of professional, business, corporate or financial websites that you may not have thought would be built in WordPress.

1. Bloomberg Professional

wordpress sites bloomberg

2. SAP News Center


3. Data.gov

wordpress sites data gov

4. Nasa Data Portal

wordpress sites nasa data

5. Campbell’s

wordpress sites campbells

6. Tesoro Corporation

wordpress sites tesoro

7. Southern Bancorp

wordpress sites southern bancorp

8. Vanguard Blog

wordpress sites vanguard blog

9. Cornerstone Financial

wordpress sites cornerstone financial

10. Endeavour Capital

wordpress sites endeavour capital

11. BNY Mellon – UK Intermediary Site

wordpress sites bny


wordpress sites nginx

13. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

wordpress sites cfpb

14. UK Government Digital Service

wordpress sites uk gov

15. Salesforce Pardot

wordpress sites pardot

16. Official site of Sweden

wordpress sites sweden

17. The Walt Disney Company

wordpress sites disney
Seen any cool business sites made in WordPress recently? Drop us a comment and let us know!

luke hinchcliffe

luke hinchcliffe