19 of the Best-Designed Asset Management Websites

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When an advisor clicks on your asset management website, they begin forming opinions straight away… and those opinions make a difference.
According to Kasina, 59.7% of advisors feel that the quality of a firm’s online capabilities influences their perception of a firm.
Pamela DeBolt, a senior analyst at Cerulli, recently explained how important a recognizable brand and a good website are for asset managers:

Brand has become increasingly important for advisors and asset managers.  In fact, brand is a firmwide focus for many companies this year.”

Cerulli think that asset managers need to become just as creative as consumer facing brands. So, to help you compare your asset management website to the best of the rest, here’s our list of 19 of the best designed asset management websites.
Choices are simply based on visual impact, modern web design techniques such as making the best use of the screen available or using imagery, color and typography to enhance visual appeal.
If I’ve missed any of your favorites, let me know by leaving a comment below.
(in alphabetical order)


#1 – Argon

Simple color palette, gallery movement and rollover images.


#2 – Artemis

Unique use of magazine-style table of contents and illustrations.


#3 – Ashburton

Compelling, custom photos and interesting typography.

Bain Capital

#4 – Bain Capital

Scalable full-screen photography and very limited text.

Barclays Wealth

#5 – Barclays Wealth

Very large and unique search box navigation and scalable background. Nice site tour feature.


#6 – BlackRock

Striking photography mixed with vibrant colours. Cool navigation sidebar.


#7 – Bridgeway

Bold type and photo treatment. Good use of screen space.

Credit Suisse

#8 – Credit Suisse

Vivid images and strong headline with random article shuffle.

Gluskin Sheff

#9 – Gluskin Sheff

Clean design, nice use of custom serif fonts. Scalable full screen background photography.

Goldman Sachs

#10 – Goldman Sachs

Multiple layouts respond to user’s screen size. Cool animated content tiles.


#11 – Ignis

Easy to navigate through 4 profile types and continuous 4-box motif.


#12 – Invesco

Designed to lead with content first. Cool animated slider and custom fonts.


#13 – M&G

Striking brand graphics and colors. Cool parallax sliders on section home pages.

NFU Mutual

#14 – NFU Mutual

Well-styled gallery with attention to detail throughout.

Old Mutual

#15 – Old Mutual

Great use of white space, limited green palette and logo motif.

Premier Funds

#16 – Premier Funds

Fully responsive design with interesting use of color and animation.

Russell Investments

#17 – Russell Investments

Elegant full screen photography transitions. Cool animated mega menus.

State Street

#18 – State Street

Rich, darker color palette and content author photos. Nice custom fonts.


#19 – Threadneedle

Simple, impactful and responsive to all screen sizes.

luke hinchcliffe

luke hinchcliffe