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This July, some members of Kurtosys are heading back to school! Or to be more precise, going to Berkeley University campus in California for two days to be a part of True University.
True Ventures are early stage venture capitalists who have invested in Kurtosys, just one of a whole host of companies in their portfolio who include Automattic, GigaOMUrban Airship to name but a few.
To quote direct from the website, this sheds some light on the creation of the University:

“As an outgrowth of our highly successful series of Founder Camps, you told us you wanted more – more engagement, more time with fellow portfolio employees, and more phenomenal speakers. Most importantly, you wanted to include a broader group of employees in the portfolio. To deliver that, we increased the reach and impact to include the top learners from each of your teams.”

True University will be hosting an impressive lineup of speakers from Berkeley, Stanford, Duke and the industry in general who will be speaking on topics including: Business Infrastructure, Customer Interaction, Design, “Early” and Engineering.
So what can we expect to gain from this experience?
I think it’s quite a rare opportunity to attend an event on this scale with such a collection of speakers and attendees. It’s true, no pun intended :-), that most of True Ventures portfolio are US based companies so this a natural opportunity for Kurtosys to connect with some of the companies that we so often read about on Techcrunch or GigaOM.
Kurtosys has recently invested heavily on mobile development and infrastructure and there are already some trans-atlantic relationships in effect – one being Kurtosys utilising Urban Airship’s push messaging service in our mobile apps.
So we are seeing this as great opportunity not just to learn, but to connect and network with some of the digital media industry’s finest.
As a web designer, I am looking forward to hearing from Andy Smith (author of the DargonFly Effect), Jeff Veen (author of The Art & Science of Web Design) among others.
Our COO and Head of Finance will be keen to hear from Scott Kveton on Team, Culture and Management.
Our BA will be looking forward to seeing Kenny Van Zant speak about business development and customer interaction.
And I think we will all be keen to hear from Professor Steve Blank and Om Malik.
So, if you are attending the event on July 20 and 21 – we look forward to meeting you!
We will also be tweeting and blogging from the event.

luke hinchcliffe

luke hinchcliffe