Winning Digital Strategies for Alternative Investors

Digital is a critical and overlooked weapon in the capital raising arsenal of an Alternative IR and Marketing team. Kurtosys shows how it can be used to maximum effectiveness by alternative investors.

Increase transparency through digital automation

One of the most common complaints leveled at alternative managers is a lack of transparency, but a good digital strategy can counteract that. Your investors will appreciate whatever transparency you give them if it reaches them quickly, and it’s in a form that they can use in their downstream processes.

We suggest swapping your manual monthly reporting cycle for instant data delivery via a branded secure portal, replacing manual print factsheets with digital product pages that print straight to PDF. This will relieve your Investor Relations team of a highly manual process and allow you to report on NAV changes as often as you cut them.

Enable your investor’s own reporting cycle

When your reports land with your investors at the start of the month, most of them start upon a week long cycle of copying and pasting your data into their master reports, alongside similar sets of data from other managers. The first thing you can do to help here is by alerting them the moment your reports become available, and by letting your investors control how often they receive those alerts.

Second, you can make your datasets available as dynamic configurable reports. This will allow your clients to lay data out the way that most closely fits their own internal models, and by allowing excel downloads, will circumvent at least part of their pain with data transcription.

Don’t neglect your public image

Most alternative managers shy away from spending on their public digital presence, a fact not helped by regulations that restrict their public marketing activities in most jurisdictions.

However, a good public site can help showcase other aspects of your firm to investors, such as its depth of expertise and human capital. A great example of this is Bridgewater Associates.

Nurture your prospects

Portals can streamline your prospect on-boarding and validation process, and allow you to gain vital insights into their attitudes towards your products. We recommend that prospects are given progressively deeper views of the funds data at different stages of the sales cycle, and that all interactions are tracked via a marketing automation tool.

The InvestorPress Secure Portal allows for different levels of entitlement to different reports and data sets – as well as integration with tools such as Salesforce, Pardot and Marketo to ensure you always have a 360 degree view of your prospects.

Request a Digital Strategy

Whether you’re looking to build a brand new secure website or improve your data visualization, get in touch and we’ll be happy to show you.