Corporate Social Responsibility

Working with The Sanshil Foundation

Kurtosys is a global company with offices in North America, the UK and South Africa. Growing the business on this global basis has allowed Kurtosys to harness local talent to drive results, finding the best people to deliver outstanding results that clients can trust. Whilst building a business we also wanted to make a difference in the developing world, help shape local communities and offer real opportunities that inspire people to make a positive difference to the world around them.

Gurgaon, just 30km outside of Delhi, is one of India's success stories, an example of how western investment has helped boost the local community and improve living conditions. However there is more to do at the grass roots level, which is why Kurtosys sponsors The Sanshil Foundation.

The Sanshil Foundation is an NGO based in Gurgaon that was set up to help the poorest children in society. Founder, Shipla Sonal teaches children in the local area how to read and write, and when they are ready, transitions them to the public school system. She mentors and monitors these children throughout the public school system, and ensures their success by preparing them for parochial school or advanced education shortly thereafter.

They also have a range of community initiatives in the local area including empowering villages with renewable energy, workshops for women creating items from recycled materials and courses for youths through vocational training.

Through its commitment to projects like this, Kurtosys is helping to invest in the future of this Indian city, helping the local economy to thrive and ensuring that living conditions improve for all.

For more information about the Sanshil Foundation – please go to and to become involved, please contact Shilpa Sonal.