5 Popular Ways Fund Managers Use Infographics on Twitter

More and more investment managers are using Twitter to increase brand awareness and connect with their audience in similar ways successful consumer brands do.  For instance,  firms like Deutsche Bank,  Goldman Sachs and Credit Suisse (just to name a few) are doing a phenomenal job responding to questions,  retweeting industry experts,  and sharing media like photos of their team and quick Q&A videos.  Asset managers are even producing original infographics to get information across through the clutter of plain text.

Creating infographics to share on social media is a trend that’s taken off,  and it’s a smart one at that.  Scientists tell us that visual information registers more quickly and more clearly than text.  This must be why,  according to AnsonAlex.cominfographics are 30 times more likely to be read than text articles.

Recently,  we published a list of the top 100 influential asset managers on Twitter based on their Klout scores.  We were interested in seeing how these social media leaders used infographics on Twitter,  so we took to Twitter to scan the asset manager’s profiles.

Here are the most popular and effective ways fund managers use infographics on Twitter:

1. To stay compliant

When promoting financial services and products on Twitter,  investment management firms are required to include disclaimers.  As a way around the 140-character limit in Twitter,  the Financial Conduct Authority granted permission to firms to display disclosures alongside promotional tweets as infographics in order to stay within regulation.

2. To explain market trends

Showing marketing trends,  statistics and forecast is the most common use of infographics on Twitter for investment managers.  It’s a clever way to keep investors and advisors up to date while simultaneously showing numbers in an eye-catching,  easy-to-consume way.

John Hancock and Wells Fargo Asset Management accompany their market-related graphics with an original hashtag and link to more information.

3. To share survey results

Sharing recent survey results over Twitter with infographics is a great way to repurpose textual content to a social media channel.  Tailoring images to the correct dimensions is critical  – 440 pixels x 220 pixels is the dimension for images to display in stream.  Along with the infographic,  it’s a best practice to include a link to the full report like Eaton Vance and BlackRock has done in these examples.

4. To showcase company culture

Firms like JP Morgan and LPL have turned information about their work culture into infographics, ultimately providing a more in depth view of the employer backed by numbers.

5. To inform on investment and financial planning topics

Another popular way to use infographics is to educate investors.  Hot topics like ways to save for retirement and college savings can be turned into useful bits of information – insightful “takeaways” that the reader can quickly learn from.

Contrary to popular belief,  you don’t need to be a professional graphic designer to create infographics.  There are a number of easy to use,  high quality (even free) tools available,  like Piktochart Easel.lyCanva and Vennage.  If you simply can’t fathom another bullet on your to do list anytime soon, follow the lead of The Boston Associates and Woodford Funds by sharing infographics from other accounts and sources that align with your message.

It’s great to see asset managers using infographics as a creative means to get information across to their audiences!

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