10 Chart Libraries for Displaying Fund Data

The amount of global, digital data continues to proliferate at an exponential rate. The IDC forecasts internet-users will generate 40 zettabytes of data by 2020.

Of course, this sea of data is only useful if it is interpretable. That’s why it is important for the data produced on a fund website to tell a clear, comphrensive narrative. Marketing Director at ZoomCharts, Liga Bizune, states it best:

“Time is the new money and if investment managers unnecessarily waste their time digging through data they could lose money. Data without a quick insight is just a noise. Visualization is a tool to find meaning and explore relevant aspects in otherwise dull data. Visualization empowers investment managers to make quick decisions based on the evaluation of the related information. Data visualization saves considerable amount of time.”

In line with ZoomChart’s insight, we have compiled a list of ten interactive chart libraries that beautifully display the “big picture” of financial data:

1.  Chartist

10 Chart Libraries for Displaying Fund Data 1
Chartist.js is a free/open source charting library that can be used to create simple responsive charts.

The Chartist library’s claim to fame is its responsiveness, but this is just one of the site’s beneficial features. Chartist’s use of SVG to draw the charts, for example, and almost limitless animation options, transform your data into charts that are both fun and streamlined.

2. Chart.js

10 Chart Libraries for Displaying Fund Data 2
Chart.js is another open source charting resource popular among designers and developers.

Chart.js provides the user with 6 different chart types for displaying data. Chart’s biggest takeaway, however, is the small file size of the library – weighing in at only 11.01kb!

3. Charts from Google

10 Chart Libraries for Displaying Fund Data 3
Another reason why Google is our favorite search engine are Google chart tools, which are free! Google chart tools help users design charts and reporting applications over structured data. In addition, this free service helps integrate the charts directly into the user’s website. Google’s chart tools library provides a wide variety of different charts that can be used to display fund data, such as: pie charts, bar graphs, histograms, and line graphs, among others.
Charts from Google

4. D3.js

10 Chart Libraries for Displaying Fund Data 4
Developed by Mike Bostock, a former graphics editor at the New York Times, D3.js helps the user bring data to life using HTML, SVG, and CSS.

A wonderful example of D3.js in practice is from an excellent New York Times piece on the The Facebook Offering, which was created the day before the IPO went live.

5. plotly.js

10 Chart Libraries for Displaying Fund Data 5
Plotly is a high-level JavaScript graphing library built on D3.js that can be used to generate more than 30 different chart types with fund data. What sets Plotly apart from other chart types, is its ability to generate a wide range of graphics; anything from interactive 3D charts to statistical graphs.


6. ZingChart

10 Chart Libraries for Displaying Fund Data 6
Big data is a big deal in the Information Technology sector, especially for a FinServ company such as Kurtosys.

ZingChart makes managing big data and generating big data charts more simple. Even better, it is compatible with popular scripting libraries like jQuery, AngularJS, Node, PHP and more.

7. FusionCharts

10 Chart Libraries for Displaying Fund Data 7
The Swiss army-knife of charting libraries, FusionCharts, offers an incredible selection of over 90 charts for displaying fund data. Using SVG and VML to display charts,
FusionCharts boasts impressive browser and device support – it is compatible with all browsers from IE6 to Google Chrome, and with devices, from the BlackBerry to the iPhone.

8. Highcharts

10 Chart Libraries for Displaying Fund Data 8
Undoubtedly the most popular charting library, Highcharts is utilized by big names such as Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, Visa, and many more (including Kurtosys)! Coded in pure Javascript, Highcharts does not require client side plugins like Flash or Java to be installed in order to display charts, or our favorite feature: exporting. By enabling the exporting module, clients can export their fund chart to PNG, JPG, PDF, or SVG format.

9. ZoomCharts

10 Chart Libraries for Displaying Fund Data 9
ZoomCharts is an HTML5 graph and charting library optimised for touch devices and web applications, with a strong focus on interactivity.

ZoomCharts sets itself apart from other charting libraries by allowing users to drill-down on chart data, with fluid and smooth transitions. Users can observe ZoomCharts in action on financial websites such as the D8 Corporation.

10. amCharts

10 Chart Libraries for Displaying Fund Data 10
amCharts is another independent JavaScript charting library that supports a virtually unlimited number of chart types.

These charts have the functionality to export data as an image or PDF built-in, so there is no need for additional coding or extensions!

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